Thursday, 10 March 2011


One thing about this FUCKING DUMP,
you hear a lot of stories. Most of them are either real fucking grimey,
or splatter-your-pants funny, or about people taking MAJOR fucking liberties...
 Here's one .....
 It's late in the evening..
The daily fuckries are starting to wind down..The inmates of MCC
have spent their day running around screaming, playing card games,
messing around and generally acting like a bunch of hyper 5 year old children..
..and now it's naptime!

 I've spent most the day sketching,
so instead of acting like a 'pooped' toddler,
i sit back with my partner, a cup of coffee ('corfeee')
and shoot the shit..
 He creases up laughing as ge starts to tell me a story..
"Son, i been around some dirty n****rs man.."

 He's up in Florida doing a bid..
Another New Yorker (yoiker) he is with, is owed some money.
 Not much, perhaps a couple hundred dollars..
..But that's not the point.

..In jail, when you owe someone money, or anything at all for that
matter, you pay it back. Fast.
 "this is jail, not yale"
Everything is different in here, it doesn't work like on road. As you have had
everything else in your life taken away from you, your 'respect' is the most
important thing to you. It is the only thing that actually means anything, that
has any value..and if someone tries to take that from have to do
something about it..

 Something as meaningless as me borrowing some coffee off a dude,
can potentially turn very, very nasty.
 Say for example i tell the gentleman that i will repay him tomorrow..
..and i forget...Simple mistake right? On road, yeh.
 He might not take it as a mistake. He might take it as i have purposely
not paid him back, trying to play him as a mug..and then spends the next
few days brewing (no pun intended) thinking of how he is going to get
me back..
..Before you know it, i've got more holes in my chest than a string vest! (oorrh oorrh)

The guy is owed some money. He's fucking pissed off too. The dude he lent it to
not only has paid other people back the money he owes them, but keeps fobbing him
off with bullshit excuses everytime he 'politely' asks for it back..he's basically playing
the guy for a bellend, taking pure liberties..
 'Peaceful negotiations' have failed..

 They live on opposite sides of the unit..
..but this dude is on a mission..
He sneaks all the way into mans ends, runs up in his cell, and sticks a knife to mans throat,
telling him to pack up ALL his belongings..and steals everything.
..i mean EVERYTHING...
Clothes, food, letters, legal papers, hygiene, everything that this guy has in his cell..

 Later that day, my partner gets back to his cell and sees all the new shit sprawled out
all over the floor..

"AAHhhh man, you didn't?!"

"FUCK that n****r man, i gave him plenty of chances, shit!"

"fuck...ok fuck it, what'd you get?"

"EVERYTHING, N****R! Even got pictures of his grandma :D"

..Then proceeds to hold up the stolen picture of grandma..arms folded, in a coffin..:O !

"DAAAAMN son! This. N****r. Is. Going. To. Kill. You. Seriously,
i'm telling you son, he's sitting over there right now plotting to kill you, i'm tellin you!"

"Fuck that n****r, man, he ain't going to do shit..bitch ass n****r, i even got flicks of his wife n kids :D"

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