Sunday, 20 March 2011

Michael angelo batio radio

 I try to listen to music in here as much as possible.
Music has alwauys been one of my passions..
..Whether is was playing in a hardcore band, helping to organise shows,
touring with bands, making merchandise or simply travelling to different countries
for festivals,
 music has always played a big part in my life.
Shortly before my arrest i was actually in the process of becoming a DJ at
some bar in Williamsburg..but then po po coming to kick mans door
in royally fucked tht plan up, you get me!

 It would've been a mixed bag,
Dubstep, Grime, Funk and electro tunes..

Mostly shit i would like to hear..who knows whether people would've
been feeling it, and to be frank,

Who the fuck cares..

 The readio does not cater to my musical needs.
I like heavy music.

 to my knowledge, there is no radio station in New York City
that can cater to my musical palet.
 When scouring the radio waves for something deep, along
the lines of these bangers,

 I am fraught with disapointment.
The heaviest thing you are likely to hear is either one of the three
Metallica tunes they play, or Rage against the Machine. BRAS!

 In the last few weeks, i have been lucky enough to catch
a couple dubstep bangers. I THINK it was on 91.5 fm, some radio set
called 'mo-glo' or something..either way, it's been DOPE to hear some
dub step!
 Reminds me of being back in the anal discharge filled cespool,
known as Croydon, catching a set by Skream at some nextman bar..
Good Times :D !!

 Dubstep is actually about in New York..Grime, most certainly not.
Despite hours upon hours scouring the radio waves for any traces
of showerman ridims,
 I have found nothing. I don't expect to either.

 There are a few good hip hop stations out there though..

On Thursdays (i think) at around midnight, there is a deep set
on 89.9 WKCR FM called 'rapcats' which is usually pretty good!
 Mostly very chilled out beats that end up sending me to sleep..

 I've said it once and i'll say it again,
I dont think New York/America is ready for grime.
 I'd hate to think what kind of biblical crime epidemic would
happen if the next shady cats in here where to be exposed to
absolutely shower bars like this coming out the radio..


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  1. get ya fix at Rinse.FM - DubStep - GrimeScene - UK Soundz - Benga - Skepta and a whole heap of peeps to keep ya head nodding