Monday, 23 May 2011

Two Tunas

Saturday Night.

Just passed midnight.

Trying my best not to wake my cellie up,
got a t-shirt draped over the light in my cell so
it ain't too bright. Despite his claims in the past that
'N****R, i can sleep with the SUN turned on motherfucker"
..It's nice to be considerate.

 The cold cup of coffee i'm occasionally sippin' on
is just about keeping me awake, alert and focussed. When
i'm tired and drink coffee, it seems to help me twist these
stupid letters that i get paid in tunas into all kinds of
fabulously toyish shapes and combinations.

 I just finished a sketch for someone's wife's birthday,
up next is a crude character and an outline for my buddy
who just had a little baby boy.

Depending on who the sketch is for, the price may very.

If you're my freind, it's free.

Doing something for someone i like is always a minor,
plus if i can create something for for a mate that will
make them happy, my good deed for the day is done.

"Yo son, my girl's gonna give me MAD head when she sees this"

I do what i can.


If you ain't a compardre/partner/associate/freind and i don't like you,
pay me two tunas in advance, i'll pretend to listen to what you want and
you will get what you're given. An you better be happy about it too.


At the moment,
my pubetastic bollockian sketches seem to be in high demand,
whenever i hand them over upon completion, nearby gang members (bloods)
usually correspond with detail orientated comments,
of the most critical fashion.

"Yo son, England is NICE yo! Timdog the nicest n****r up in here"

Why thankyou :)

I've mentioned before that there are a few habitual liars in here that
claim they 'used to paint back in da day'.

To be honest,
these guys are straight up a billion times better than me when it
comes to characters, colouring and all round artistic abilities.

These are PROPER jailhouse artists.

I've seen these mandem do all kinds of crazy shit,
for example, using packets of jailhouse kool aid to colour
their sketches in.


Around 99.9 per cent of the lettering that gets aborted from my
fingers is straight outlines, and are done with either black of blue
ball point pen.

Force of habit i guess.

I would never colour sketches in when i was on road,
it seemed pointless to me as i knew most of the shit i
was sketching was going to get painted at some point,
so why waste time colouring away with pencils or pens when
the end result is going to be done in a completely different

Hence me seeing no point in going further than the outline.

Fascinatingly retarded justification for my extreme lack of
patience, right?

It's been around nine months since i painted a piece,
throwup, dub etc.

I think that's the longest i've ever gone without
dropping something since i started painting.

Something tells me ,
courtesy of the United States Federal government,
this ain't gonna be changing anytime soon.

My cellie just farted.

I agree.

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