Monday, 23 May 2011

Purely shackled

Man i feel fucking tired

 In the last few minutes,
managed to blag myself some powdered milk, coffee, sweetener and a little bit of milk,
been craving a decent cup of coffee all day. One of my freinds ticked me all of the above ingredients,
 He's a really good guy.

Had a kid recently,
and today was the first time he got to hold his newborn son,
it made me feel good hearing that bit of news..

Press Play

How was my day?


Since five in the morning,
most of my day was spent waddling around with my hands
and legs shackled like some kind of crazed public masterbating
sex offender.

 The cuffs were REALLY fucking tight too,
they've been off for about an hour and a half now,
yet my throbbing tomato tinged wrists are still really
fucking choppy, swollen and red.

The reasoning they gave was that someone had tried
to escape or pull some kind of fuckrie recently, so now
when you are being moved around the neighbouring facilities
they handcuff your feet together,
wrap a big ass chain tightly around your waist and lock
that with the pair of handcuffs on your wrists so you can't
raise your hands at all.


I heard a couple of the Correctional Officers joking to themselves,
saying that the person must've been real stupid to try and escape as
there are so many doors and security checkpoints, they'd never make
it out.

I put in my two cents.

"Maybe he tried to jump out of a window"

They found this very funny,
explaining to me that considering how high up we are, you would
never survive the fall so what would be the point..

"If you spent one fucking day in the conditions that i have you would understand.
Jumping out the window is still getting out. It's still freedom, you're still getting out
one way or the other. Plus you're doing it YOUR way, you're making a decision with
YOUR life. Makes perfect sense to me, the guy wanted to be free, and took the

They hushed the fuck up.

Then tightened my handcuffs even further.

I'm an idiot.

But i guess i can't complain.

Things could always be worse.

Ain't had no mail in a few days,
think it's been about a week actually.

To anyone that's reading this, Press Play.

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