Sunday, 29 May 2011



Wud up Wud up
I put together a load of tunes,
if you're bored you can listen to some shit that i find palatable.
type em in on youtube, even if you've heard them before, lemme know what you think :)


Artist      -     track

King curtis - memphis soul stew
james brown - turn it loose
Aretha Franklyn - say a little prayer
Curtis Mayfield - so in live
Ohio Players - Skintight
Blackbirds - walkin' in rythm
Al green - mercy mercy me
Sly & family stone - are you man enough


Dj Vadim - the terrorist
pharcyde - she said
snoop dogg - 187 on undercover cop
dogg pound - what would you do
gangstar - royalty
souls of mischief - 93 til infinity
j dilla - two can win


sworn enemy - fallen grace
bulldoze - the truth
megadeath - take no prisoners
irate - vendetta
dying fetus - indisious decrepency
pantera - 5 minutes alone
caliban - assasin of love
bun dem out - soldados


kooks - oh la la
bloc party - here we are
fleetwood mac - rianon (spelling probably wrong)
asobi seksu - thursday
steve miller band - fly like an eagle
the strokes - someday
black keys - next girl
jimmy hendrix - red house
radiohead - lotus flowers
queens of the stone age - go with the flow


slew dem sidewinder part 1
slew dem sidewinder part 2
slew dem sidewinder part 3
slew dem sidewinder part 4

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  1. that slewdem ish is crazed!