Monday, 23 May 2011


Press Play

Today is my cellie Sha Boogie's Birthday!

I am blessed to have this dude around.

If i need advice, he is always there for me.

He keeps me out of trouble, and in turn,
keeps trouble away from me.

When things are looking bleak,
he always turns up right on time to make me laugh,
smile, and remind me that things really ain't all that bad.

when i am talking negatively or start to lose focus on the big picture,
he tells me to shut the fuck up and gets me back on track,
quick fast.

He is a kind, loyal person who everyone respects.

People go to him for advice around the clock, and ask
him his opinion on their isssues, which they value greatly.

In short,
it's my brothers birthday today,
so show the Boogster some love!

Eric Manson 01558112
MCC New York
150 Park Row 
New York 

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