Sunday, 8 May 2011

one last thing

Being surrounded by all manner of different people,
from all sorts of different walks of life,
i hear a lot of funny stories.

Here's one


This happened to my freind S when he was 19,
and had just started selling product seriously..

..Picture this..

It's a grimey hotel in Mexico..S and his freind B have
invested in 200 pounds of trees, and are waiting for their
driver to turn up..

..All the precautions have been taken care of..

 The car used to transport the product is sitting in the parking lot.
It's pretty battered. They bought it at an auction a week before the trip,
and changed the lock on the drunk (boot) so only they (not the driver) can
get to the 200 pounds hastily jammed in there earlier that day..

 The driver arrives,
he's young, was recommended by a freind last minute. The description the
freind gave was "he'll do it, this kids hungry".
 The three musketeers sit in the dingy hotel revising their plans so everyone
is crystal clear on how this shit is going down..

S and his freind are going to be following the car close behind, while the 'driver'
tales the lead. They tell him that at some point they are going to pass through a small
town, when this happens, they will get to an intersection with four exists.

 "Take the 3rd. Not the 1st, 2nd or 4th, the 3rd exit"

 It's 2am.
The two car convoy is approaching the said intersection..

S notices the car in fronts brake lights have gone on. Again, they flicker on.
 Clearly, the kid forgot which exit to take, so S hastily overtakes to take
the lead, gets off at the 3rd exit, and the 'driver' follows..

Out of nowhere, cop lights flash on.

They're pulling over the driver.

 Naturally, S carries on driving, then ANOTHER set of lights come on,
signalling S to also pull over...

..He parks up in a closed petrol station..

The cop swans over and takes B out of the car to start questioning him,
and do a standard background check..

S shoves the key to the trunk into the tapedeck, and rams a tape in after it..

The cop comes back for S, takes him out the car and starts questioning what
the fuck he's doing in the middle of nowhere at 2am..
 He says they're driving to California, and had been at his grandmothers house in
El Paso, Texas.
 The cop asks if he knows the other car, as it seems a bit odd that both cars are
driving so close together, in the middle of nowhere, and don't know each other..
 S and B both deny any knowledge of the 'driver' and his car..

..The cop tells them to wait here while he talks to the other officer who is questions the 'driver'..

..S and B watch the cop walk over to his buddy and exchange information..

..He comes strolling back with a smirk on his face..

He asks S if he's sure he doesn't know the other driver, as he's also heading
for California, which is more than a coincidence. S denies any knowledge of
him, as does B.
 The cop peers down into his notepad..

"You sure neither of you gentleman know this guy?"

"no sir."

"Ok guys..
you have no outstanding warrants, everything seems
to check out. Before i let you gentleman leave and carry
on with your journey, i have on last question for you"

"errr ok"

"Why is that man's car registered in your name?"

:O !

..and with that, the officer calls for backup.
Another patrolcar pulls up. That's three. They thoroughly search
S and B's car, and find nothing. Then they head over to the 'driver',
in no time at all they figure out that the trunk has had its lock replaced..

..Ten minutes later, a jeep Cherokee pulls up. S turns a pale shade of white,
as he realises they most likely have a locksmith in the car. A female officer
steps out, with a strange pipe in her hand. She makes her way to the back of
her jeep, but instead of pulling out a toolbox, they hear a dog barking..A sniffer dog.

The dog leaps into the 'drivers' car and is sniffing the shit out of the front seats, ashtray,
everything. His owner is tapping every piece of the car, signalling to the dog which spots
to sniff..she takes the dog in the back seat..his head is embedded in the seats, but it finds
nothing..She then takes it out of the car and to the trunk, his nose is pressed against the
seal of the trunk, and S and B are sweating buckets (AS U CAN IMAGINE)..but it finds nothing..

After half an hour, the cops have no choice but to let the men go. And the driver. And the 200 pounds of weed in the boot..

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