Wednesday, 11 May 2011

they'll do

There are some situations and incidents that are so hard
to believe, i don't bother writing them up.
 Unless you are there to actually witness the daily fuckrie a gwarn
in MCC, it seems rather far fetched to say the least..
 For instance,
earlier today i wanted something sweet to go
with my coffee. Some cookies, a granola bar,
banana cake, a honey bun, you get the picture..
I ain't got shit, so I had to improvise..

At that moment my freind M walked past.
 He's over six feet tall, bares an uncanny resemblance to
Kimbo Slice, and his voice is somewhat similar to the late
Isaac Hayes.
A couple days ago i gave him a box of crackers.
"Yo M, beg you hook me up with something to munch with my coffee"
"No can do Timdog, i owe like Pooki"
"Nah i ain't hearing that mate, go get me something,
make some moves, my coffees getting cold"
"Ok, Ok i got you Timdog.."
I return to my cell and go sit down on my bunk.
 Moments later, my freind arrives with (someone elses) pack
of Oatmeal cookies, grinning from ear to ear..
"Yo, these joints do?"
"Yeah, yeah they'll do man, safe"
As he takes his leave, one of the new dudes in the unit is standing
outside my cell, looking absolutely mystified as to how this young
white looking englishman is ordering around this monster of a man..
I just smile and offer him some cookies.
Dun know.

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