Friday, 15 February 2013

The post was better

Each day of the week we are given a specific newspaper.

It's like the New York equivalent of the Sun or News of the World..

When it's given out there is a line the paper makes its way through,
starting with the henchest dudes in the unit and slowly petering its
way down to the less threatening individuals before it's scooped up
by the sexual deviants and chopped up into jerk material.

I get it pretty early.


It has nothing to do with me though..

I get it through association..

I just got kicked out of my cell.

I WAS going to read the paper while sitting on my bed,
relaxing before starting my afternoon workout but that was
not to be as my bunkie needed to take a "New York Shit" so
here i am, sitting outside the cell at a table, making my way
through the pages while occasionally glancing at the most
ridiculous game of chess I've ever seen..



One of the guys playing has this one brown tooth at the
front of his grill, it points out of his mouth and looks like
one of them teeth that gets dunked into a glass of coke
overnight to show you how bad that shit is for you..

Word on the street is that his tooth got like that
because it repeatedly took the full force of the blast
each time he was sucking on a glass dick!!

The other guy playing is some next hairy Puerto Rican dude who,
according to him, when he doesn't shave for a week his beard connects
with the hair at the back of his neck.


He's cool though!!

We spent about an hour discussing Iphones, fingerprint technology
and shape shifting Lizards last night when i was in a haze from fasting
all day, he seemed pretty clued up, so much so that he is now reading
a very good book that a close friend of mine sent me a year or two ago.

So I'm slowly flicking through the pages of this paper..

My coffee tastes really good today,
i got a new routine of putting in two mints and two scoops
of cocoa powder each time i make a cup, makes it taste like
some weird mint chocolate hybrid of coffee and is just about
the most exciting thing i can put together at the moment.

Trying to watch what i eat..

Hoping to get a visit sometime soon..

I'm well aware what this paper is made for,
who put the motherfucker together and exactly
what their interest is in doing so..

So when it comes to ME reading it..

-pretty girls

-nice clothes

-interesting places

That's it..

You can miss me with all that other monkey shit..

I enjoy picturing myself out there and imagining
what the hell i might be up to if i wasn't in jail..

What what i be doing..

It also helps me to plan for the future.


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