Saturday, 23 February 2013

My mouth is burnt from hot peanut butter

"If we feel ourselves to be insignificant, powerless and ordinary that will reflect in the five-sense mirror as a life experience that is without power. We will be just another sheep in the pen considered by ourselves and others to be insignificant and expendable. In truth we are none of those things. We are genius incarnate, infinity incarnate, if we choose to be. But when our isolated, disconnected, droplet of consciousness is programmed to *believe* that negative version of ourselves, we reflect that state of being into the five-sense mirror and "live" that imagination of ourselves, that reality."

"Once you reconnect to the infinite ocean you begin to understand that nothing and no one is powerless, ordinary or insignificant. To claim so is to say that divine infinity is all of these things. You start to realize that if we change our imagination of ourselves we can live our lives as the incarnate ocean and not as a disconnected droplet; as infinity and not only as far as our eyes can see. Then we can tap into and express the full magnitude of who we really are" - David Icke

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