Monday, 4 February 2013

Lemme see his guns

This morning i got woke up at about five,
to the sites and smells of my bunkie puking
his guts out into the toilet..


It's never enjoyable watching someone you give
a fuck about wretching and coughing like that..

Especially when you can't help them.

I mean..

He has no hair to hold back and i know
that patting him on the back he'll just call me a bitch.


So all i can really do is offer vague
words of encouragement from the top bunk..

"try drinking some water"

"shut the fuck up"


I'm only trying to help..

"Maybe it was the soup? You did eat it pretty late?"

"My n****r.."




It's almost midnight now..

Spanish salsa is blasting out of my headphones..

"DAMN shorty!!"

"A n****r need a sledge-hammer for a dick fuckin' with THIS bitch.."


He's feeling a lot better now..

It was the first day of February today. Once the festive period is done and dusted
time moves very quickly in here. It's been like that every year I've been held in this
building. The build up to Christmas always sucks as for about three months straight
you gotta listen to all these bullshit adverts on the radio and see shit in magazines,
plus you know everyone is out there clowning going to parties, shows, all kinds of
decent shit happens in December especially around New Years but yeah like i said
once all that crap is done an dusted everything goes back to normal..

Everyone returns to work..

Parties are finished..

Shit gets back to normal..

Even in here..

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