Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thanks Phil

In New York City it is snowing.

My window is pretty fogged up
but i can just about see through the top
and there's little pieces of snow flying through the air..

It looks real nice..

In front of me is a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

The milk i got for breakfast is blatantly rank now
so i'm eating this shit dry two pieces at a time..

It's still pretty good.

On my right hand side dangerously perched
at the end of the bed is a cup of coffee too..

While i'm looking in that direction i just remembered,
Thankyou ever so much for the Christmas cards,
got them all wedged around the light above my desk
an they really make the cell look a lot more..


It looks better with them there.

So thankyou..

After squiding a tissue inbetween the bars i've managed to
clean the window a little and FUCK there's a lot of snow outside..

It's covered all of the pavement!!

Last time i was in the snow..


About a year ago me and my freind from Ghana was up
on the roof just after it had snowed. A thick layer of it
carpetted the roof and it was SO thick that i managed to
bust out a HUGE straight letter..

I walked in tiny penguin steps scuffing my feet on the floor,
then jumped each time i had to start a new letter and it came
out pretty decent to be fair!!

I had to buff it though..


My freind should be home in the next few weeks.

Which is the best news i've heard in a VERY long time..

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