Wednesday, 6 February 2013

I do not watch American Football

Today I been going through all my mail.

I'm SUPPOSED to be getting sentenced this month..


If i end up getting sent to some jail West Bubbafuck i dun wanna
lug it all up there,

Even if things work out in the best case scenario and they time serve my ass,
passing me off into the hands of Ice Agents who will promptly throw me in an
immigration jail..

It's still best if i get this shit sent home.

So I'm trying to organize it all!!

Packing it all into big envelopes, taking notes of what's in what,
who sent what and where the fuck it all came from, there's all KINDS
of shit in here, letters from people when i first got locked up, postcards
from random places, books and magazines, photos from my friends showing
me what they're up to and little reminders of shit we got up to when i was out..

There's also a lot of letters from people i didn't know before getting banged up.

That shit was and is really cool as one of the worst things about being
in here is the lack of communication.

I love to meet new people and being in here kind of fucks that up to put it mildly,
so I've had to depend on individuals writing to me instead and it's hard enough getting
someone you've fucked with for years to get off their ass and put a letter in the mail,
motherfuckers I've never met before being cool enough to show me some love has
definitely been one of the nicest things I've experienced throughout all this crap.

Quite often i open the same letters up and read them again,
thinking about why an individual wrote to me or simply just to
remind myself of a certain period of my bid when i got the letter,
it gives me a kick in the ass when I'm feeling shitty as letters ain't
exactly the most used form of communication nowadays..

Someone has to go out of their way, go buy some stamps,
which really isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things
but it's more the point of someone doing all that shit just to ask
how I'm doing, what I'm up to, if i have any news and most importantly
to share a little bit of their lives with me.

There wasn't ANY letter that i just opened..

Read the contents..

Wipe my shitty ass cheeks with..

An dashed in the trash.

No matter WHO the fuck sent it..

In this day and age people don't really write letters.

So when someone DID just go put some words on paper
and bung it in the mail for me i knew it was something that
was not an everyday occasion..

At least that's what I've told myself anyway..

To still feel relevant in people's lives was/is
a very important factor in keeping my head
above water in this dump.

At times it's easier to feel like you've been swallowed
up in a system so fucking vast and unfamiliar..

So at times when sucker-shit like that is on my mind..

I go back and read the letters you've sent me.

It helps bun that shit off.

So send me some more.



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