Wednesday, 13 February 2013


I don't hang out with many people in here anymore.

Some people are really cool and i like to spend time with them,
i know what i can expect hanging out with them and after all this time
it makes sense to be aware of what you can expect from certain people,
i don't need any drama or surprises in my life right now just individuals
that are going to keep me in a positive state of mind..

If i choose to share my time with someone i don't want it to be draining.

This guy is my friend.

Most people think he's an idiot..

This notion has come about through his effortless daily
arguments and comments he makes to people without
really thinking about what he's saying or doing..

To me he's a good natured person who has no malice in him
and when i fuck with him it's probably going to at the very
least pretty funny..

Which is why i fuck with him..

-We workout

-We cook

-We joke

When i fuck with him i know exactly what I'm going to get..

As i lay on my bed..

Staring at the ceiling..

I think about what I'm going to do with my day..

There is a hazy part of the afternoon,
usually around twelve or one, when i have not made up my mind
as to how I'm going to spend the next twenty four hours of my life.

-Work out

-Call somebody

-Email somebody

-Clean up

It could go either way..


Today that's enough to make my mind up..

So with that, I pull on a crooked, battered, fraying beanie hat,
a pair of XXXL shorts, grab my plastic grips, fill up a plastic mug of water
and walk over to the pull-up bar to join my friend..

"Why the hat?"


When someone questions what you're wearing,
whether it seems to be out of genuine curiosity or perhaps
leaning on the side of mockery, it's a good look to cut that
bullshit short before any kind of stupid monkey shit can
go down.

You can do it two ways..

-An amusing reply

-Make out that you're incredibly pissed


"Oh werd?!?"

Underneath the bar is a grubby stack of blue plastic boxes.

They're used for doing different kinds of pushups..

Also they are used for when people are doing pull-ups as
the bar is kinda high.

At least for ME it's kinda high..

I am around 5.7.

My friend is around 6.1

We go through the same childish routine
every time we go to work on this fucking bar..

Every time he is about to get some money,
he kicks all the blocks over as he doesn't need
them to get up on the bar..

Then i have to stack them back
up when it's my turn.


He finds this funny.

"Yo' short ass!!"


"Yo' long fucking FACE!!"


I do not..

Once in a while my friend tells me something
that makes all the stupidity and arguments i have
to endure in his company worthwhile..

A little story..

An anecdote..

A question..

He'll spit something out that reminds me exactly
what i fuck with him in the first place..

Today he asked me if i thought it was a good idea if when
the medication lady asks him if he's taken his pills..

He responds by sticking his tongue out as far as possible..

Waggling it in and out of him mouth..

While going "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" in the most sexually deviant manner you can imagine..

What do you think i told him..

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