Friday, 6 July 2012


This is my favorite time of day.

Just after lunch has been served.

I sit on my bed and drink my morning coffee,
sometimes accompanied by a couple slices of cake.

Holding the cup with both hands, one on either side,
i breath deeply and try to clear my mind of all the bullshit
from the night before or the day so far..

Dreams that pissed me off..

Stupid interactions..

Thoughts that are not doing me any good..

I try to concentrate i breath in,
to think about the feeling of the air as it enters my lungs..

As i exhale..

I picture that i'm breathing out all the negative
shit, all the thoughts and feelings inside that are
clouding my brain and stopping me from enjoying
my day and my surroundings..

I got this from a Buddhist meditation technique.

It's a nice way to start my day.

I can feel the sun on the side of my face,
breaming through the bars on the window.

Disfigured mugs keep appearing at the door.

They keep tapping on the glass.

Now is not a good time.

Under my feet is my prayer rug,
i sometime picture being somewhere far away
from this place sitting on the same rug.


At some point..

I have to stop daydreaming and get on with the day.


Time to make breakfast.

It's nice spending time putting together some food,
even if it's mad budget and looks like pure shit, the fact that you
put the effort into making something always makes it taste better.

In some strange way it actually gives your meal a little more significance,
makes it special rather than simply gagging on the contents of a brown tray.

After a couple minutes of chopping, peeling and crumbling,
i got me a bowl of cereal, cake and apple, plus a bowl of cherry
flavoured apple skins and a cold glass of milk thats got this chocolate
wheat drink and a banana mashed in it..

Ballin' right?


Before i enjoy my poor mans banquet,
i am blessed with a couple reviews..

"Oh-kay wah-boy!"

"My n****r tim eatin' good!"

"This n****r STAY eatin' cereal!"

"You freakin' it like THAT Timdog!?"


Yes i am.

Someone even decided to join me.



i don't like eating my breakfast around other people,
especially if i don't have enough to share, but Dread had
his own bowl of oatmeal, as i couldn't be bothered to pick up
all my shit an breeze back in the room, i thought i'd just sit there
and enjoy his company while eating today.

What's the worst that could happen?

"Yo IN-glun, yu-wan ear mi-choon?"


There wasn't really any response i could think of that
wouldn't offend him, at least none i could think of at the time.

I've seen this dude spazz out at people for a lot less.

Didn't fancy myself being at the recieving end of,


Or something similar.

Too early.

Way too early for bullshit today.

"Sure..Go ahead."

And with that..

My peaceful, relaxing breakfast was no more.

in it's place?

An quiet English dude with his head buried in
a bowl of cereal having a NEXT rowdy yardman spit
dancehall bars at him across a table.

All the while, he's violently slamming his fist onto
the table trying to fashion a beat, making the whole
thing shake and constantly spill my food and drink all
over the place.

Beautiful start to the day.

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