Monday, 23 July 2012


Before getting locked in,
one of my Spanish freinds asked me if i was good.

My kneejerk reaction?

"I'm a little hungry"

He then turns around..

Shouts some shit in Spanish..

An out of nowhere all these old Spanish dudes
start shuffling an hobbling their slippered-up feet
out their rooms with mad bags of chips,
soup, bagels, fruit, cereal, cake..


One of them physically wouldn't let me return to my room
without at least two hands full of munch, dude just kept patting
his fist on his chest with his eyes closed, shaking his head,

"My broddur! My broddur!"

I could genuinely tell this older gentleman gave a fuck,
the man clearly did not want me to go to sleep hungry..

It struck a chord with me.

We have never had a conversation and speak
completely different languages.

Yet he heard i was hungry and did everything he
could to help me.

Might sound like a minor but considering where i am
and the majority of peoples attitudes in here, his act of
compassion was greatly appreciated!


Now i have something nice to munch
with my coffee..


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