Sunday, 22 July 2012

Good Times

"I remember this one bitch that used to eat a MEAN dick up!"

Good to hear.

"This one time, i skeeted in the bitches mouth,
she just spat that shit straight in the trash!"

Personally i'd take that a type'a way.

"Reminded me'a when you said if a bitch eat your dick up,
it's just 'expected' that she gonna swallow!?"

More or less.

"SHEEET N****R!"

Maybe i just been spoilt?

"Ma n****r, when you finally get a black chick to eat that turkish hammer,
you better NOT tell her to 'swallow that shit', bitch might spit that shit
in your fuckin' face"

I guess so.



"After i skeet in a bitches mouth, i don' give a SHIT what she does with that shit,
ain't like i got any use for the motherfucker!"

He has a point.

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