Sunday, 22 July 2012

The return of..

For those who have never done a bid in the Federal system,here's a lesson in jailhouse ettiquete just incase you too find yourself
locked up abroad in one of these high quality establishments.

If you're locked in and you need to take a dump,
then you just shit, there's two of you there but if you need to shit it's on you,
but each time a chunk of turd is squeezed out your pink asshole, you flush,
this goes some way towards ridding the smell confines of the stink, it ain't as
purely fonged out with shit vapours and gets rid of any shit in the cell apart from
the pieces cakes around your asshole.

But one should also involve a little common sense in applying this technique.

Recently i found myself in the company of some old Spanish dopefiend,
mandem speaks NO English but up until now that has not actually been a problem,
to be honest it still isn't a problem, the motherfucking issue is more in this dude
being purely smoked out..

Last couple days i've had to wake up at like three in the morning,
i don't give a fuck if you need to curl out a log at some ungodly hour, do you,
but FUCK man, there's no need to flush the toilet a thousand times for about
five minutes straight, just shit, i'm sleeping, flush the toilet once you're done,
that way everyones happy!

You get to shit an i get to sleep!


An i ain't buyin' the whole lost in translation gig anymore,
as he did this dumb shit yesterday then apologised to me through an
interpretor later in the day, so you know you's dead wrong, i ain't goin' for that one,
if you're simply on some next violation flex in an attempt to get me to move,
which people do very often instead of asking someone to move they just progressively
act more an more like a dick, we can play that game,
i ain't got no fucking problem with that..

Im'a turn into Captain Culo.

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