Friday, 6 July 2012

Premium Albercore

I think it's about three in the morning,
ain't shit on the radio an just to top the night off,
the motherfucker just died on me..

My brother fell asleep a long time ago,
it's just me up at the moment, sitting on my bed,
trying to get my mind to calm down so i can go to sleep..

The hustle and bussle of the day is done an dusted,
no more shouting, people ain't coming and going from the room,
there isn't any loud screams or banging of chairs, fist on tables,
feet on walls..

Only the sound of an industrial fan outside the door
and faint snoring coming from below my bed..

He had a good day today,
so with some tunas to spare i got us some crackers,
mayonaisse and plantains and we had a little snack,
it was the good tunas too, which i think is to blame for
putting my brother to sleep..


I wonder to myself at times like this,
when everything is quiet and it's just me and my
thoughts swirling around, whether people still think
about me out there.

When i sit here,
unable to sleep, staring at the blank white walls housing
me in this tiny concrete toilet, i wonder what the future has
in store for me?

Where will i end up next in life?

Another spot?

Will i finally go home?

I'm not going anywhere tomorrow that's for damn sure,
so it's probably wise to concentrate on tomorrow instead,
what i can do with my time..

Before i pray,
i look down at the pattern on my rug,
staring it at, almost asif i'm looking for answers or some shit,
like it's one of them magic eye pictures..

I could never do those magic eye pictures,
they always gave me a mad headache..

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