Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Bigger picture..

Look at the bigger picture..

I just spent half hour an hour in a screaming match,
and i have no one but myself to blame.

All over a fucking newspaper..

There is one paper that gets given to each house.

The jail paper.

There is an order of who gets the paper and when,
it basically goes from cell to cell over the period of
about three days.

I'm supposed to get it after this guy next door,
he gives it to my brother, who then passes it on to me,
when i'm finished, i pass it onto the next dude,
and so on..


Due to unforseen circumstances,
my brother wasn't around for a while..

So the paper SHOULD have been going straight to me
from the guy next door..

But he didn't do that.

Instead he just skips me altogether an starts giving
it to someone else down the line..

I'm EXTRA pissed about this as i used to get my OWN paper,
a good freind was kind enough to send me some copies of
the New York Post, an after i finished reading it, i'd pass it
next door..

So now he's completely skipped me,
an i got to run after the paper before it gets
hacked to pieces by all the fucking perverts in
here trying to make some next creepy collages..

All this dude has to say,

"After ME, i don't give a FUCK"


This statement sure SOUNDS good,
but when you're DELIVERING  it to someone when you're finished,
you clearly DO give a fuck where it's going..

Especially given that as soon as my brother skanks back onto the scene,
low and behold, the dude starts hand delivering it to him again.

I tell him how lame it is that he just completely fucking skipped me,
and he just runs like a bitch to the hench dude he skipped me for,
telling him i "feel a type'a way" about it..

I do not "feel a type'a way" towards this guy,
it's not his responsibility to pass me SHIT, HE didn't skip me,
and after explaining this in a very passive way, waving the biggest
fucking white flag you've ever seen, he agreed with my point of view..



All in all, a good half hour of my day was spent arguing with someone i KNOW
is unreasonable, petty and has no self respect, he's shown me this a thousand
billion times over the past twenty two months, letting me know i should have
absolutely nothing to do with him whatsoever..

Yet today he was not at fault.

I was.

People were looking at ME like i was the fool.

Rightly so..

I knew better.

How many times am i going to stick my hand in a fire
before realising it is not a good idea?

I need to focus on the BIGGER picture..

NOT retards and newspapers..


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