Saturday, 19 May 2012

Serious Alien bootyhole

Another twenty four hours draws to a close..

A time for brothers to discuss the events of the day..

"Dude she's straight trash. I'd blatantly fuck her but still, she's trash!"

"TRASH!? my N****R!! if THAT'S what you call trash, sheeeeet,
you better start callin' me the garbage man, cos im'a be pickin' up
trash like that all motherfuckin DAY!"

A time to talk..

"You won't believe ME, but you'll believe a n****r called the motherfuckin' Dalai Lama!?"


"Thas fucked UP kid..I'm tellin' you my n****r, they caught that chump up in the Himalayas,
in a cave, with a load of BOYS!!"


"I'M TELLIN' YOU! n****r was WAY outta pocket.."

A time to share..

"Yo, you seen that kids titties!?"

"No. Unsuprisingly no, no i havn't.."

"You know them old African bitches in the National Enquirer (Geographic) with
the dried up titties? They ain't got NOTHIN' on this n****r!"


"To top it off, the n****r's in a cell with a n****r that been caught etch-a-sketchin' DICKS!"

A time to relax and let the conversation flow,
after all, if you learnt something today, your day was not wasted..

 "Yo imagine trying to explain to an alien the concept of music.."

"What the FUCK you talkin' bout n****r!?"

"Like, imagine trying to explain to an alien why we listen to music!"

"What the FUCK you talkin' bout n****r!?!"


"That n****r can take you to another DIMENSION! Open up a STARGATE on a n****r!
Tell you what you're fuckin' MADE of, your life STORY! N****r...SHIT..You don't think
they know about MUSIC!?"


"Me? I'd be askin' em what's up with that alien PUSSY! WORD! Fuck all that bewshit!"


"That alien pussy gotta be CRAZY thought right Timdog?"

"Nah man. Shit'd blatantly make your dick fall off!"



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