Saturday, 26 May 2012

Nope. No way.

I'm mad tired..

I dun want to talk, i just want to sleep.

But the questions and comments keep coming..

"They BEEN knew that shit!"


Maybe it's my strength of conviction..

Perhaps it's Turkish genetics..



I'm not buyin' it.

The Egyptians did NOT know the speed of light
when they built the pyramids.

I don't give a fuck,

I'm not buyin' it.


Earlier today was pretty cool..

About twenty minutes into using this really bate looking
step machine, i got some unexpected good news which prompted
me to abandon that dumb shit and grab my sneakers..




About half an hour down,
everyone abandoned ship and it was just me,
surrounded by a load of bloated spectators as the heavens opened,
an it really started fuckin' pouring it down..

Lap after motherfucking lap..

I told you i don't count them anymore right?


I look down to change the shitty music i was listening to
for something better, with a swift boom of thunder the dial
on my radio goes blank an all i hear is white noise.

Didn't look too promising!


Moments later..

Mexican confirmation!

"Y-hu gat whater in y-hur raidio mhaan!"



I ball the motherfucker up in my home made vest,
dash it under cover, an keep on running..

Instead of Barry White, Wacka Flocka or some next bullshit,
i'm concentrating on the noise of the rain falling, it's pouring
down all around me..

A deep hissing sound that's backed up
by faint booms of thunder in the distance..

Each time it booms,
i smile an tilt my head back for a moment
so i can feel the cold rain on my face.

In one motion, i wipe my forehead, slick my hair back
and put my focus back on the ground and all the shiny droplets
of rain i'm flyin' over..

The occasional reflection in passing murky puddles
dotted around the floor..

I can tell people are gawking at me.

Some English cracker running topless in the rain, on his own,
for more than an hour non-stop..


Fuck em.

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