Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Night Train

I got lots of routines in here.

It helps to keep me busy, my feeble mind occupied,
takes your attention away from the bullshit..

As i only got a radio,
i got a routine for that motherfucker too.

After twenty months (yes),
i got a good idea of what's on,
when it's on and what station the
shit is playing on..

It's a Tuesday night,
at one in the morning they got some bangin' show on 89.9 WKCR.ORG
called "The Night Train', it plays a shitload of deep funk and soul music,
been keeping me going for as long as i can remember in here..


The time is coming upto Two an i'm tired as a MOTHERfucker..

I've been up since..



An that was at six in the morning,
an motherfucking BUMS was makin; noise all morning so
fuck all rest was to be had, add a workout that included but
was not limited to five hundred pushups at fifty a clip..

I'm tired..

My teeth are brushed..

Face is washed..

Bladder has been enthusiastically emptied over the toilet seat (and floor)..

I've done my daily stretches and prayers,
all that's left to do is call it a night an turn off my radio..

I climb onto my bed,
move my paperwork onto the chair
and lye the fuck down..

Clad in a pair of sweatpants an a moronic facial expression,
my eyes are transfixed on the wall, the light from outside the door
is illuminating all the cracks between the white bricks..

I look up at the ceiling..

"Don't look to others for justification"

I hear that.


"Wisdom is avoiding all thou.."

My train of thought is violently derailed
by the voice on the radio..

"We have a very special request tonight..This request is going out to.."

Sounds promising..



"We have a request for Tim .... They have requested a song by
the Isley Brothers, once again the next song is going out to Tim from.... Enjoy!"

I'm not so tired anymore.


After shouting and waking my sleeping brother to inform him his dog just got a shoutout,

(this didn't go as well as one would've hoped, who'd have thought a 260 pound man would get mad
at being shouted at while he's asleep?)

I lye back an listen to one of my all time favorite songs..

I think back to when i first got locked up an compare it to this very moment,
all the shit thats transpired, all the highs and lows, all the people that have come
in and out of my life..

Shit is so fucking crazy..

I cant help smiling..

Like a MOTHER fucker..


Thankyou x

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