Monday, 21 May 2012

Holiday Inn N********R!

Confinement is LONG!

Maximum security confinement?

Reeeally motherfucking long!!

The kicker?

Without warning..

In a heartbeat..

It can always get worse..

"If we can transform our attitude towards suffering,
adopt an attitude that allows us greater tolerance of it,
then this can do much to help counteract feelings
of mental unhappiness, dissatisfaction and discontent"
- HH Dalai Lama

Like any inconvenient predicament you might find yourself in,
it helps to try and adopt a positive attitude..

"Breakfest in bed motherfuckerrr!"



At least that's the plan anyway,
trying to make the most out of any given situation,
use the time as productively as i can..

Resting, sketching, reading, writing,
putting together letters..

Sooner or later,

like anything in life,

it will inevitably pass..

"Man is ready and willing to shoulder any suffering as soon and
as long as he can see a meaning in it" - Victor Frankl


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