Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Ball refill

I been feelin' pretty under the weather recently..

Decided to trade in my routine of two workouts a day
an little to fuck all food consumption for some rest
and three meals a day..

I'm lookin' round the room,
there's a banana, peanut butter and nutella sandwhich,
a cup of coffee with a couple mints in it (try it)
an me, scribbling away at this piece of paper,
briefly breaking the peaceful silence every
so often with a sniff..

Speaking of,
one of my mates made me crease up the other day,
we was talking about people in power an he was like,

"Teemy, you gat to believe me, deeze guysh party all de taime,
they fuck the bitches, take de drugs, sneeze da coke"


My new sweatshirt has a mark on the cuff..

It's snot but it looks like cum.

It's not cum though.

I'd say if it was..

It's pretty chilled in here at the moment,
if only the other side of the door was quite
as tranquil though..

A familiar scene..

Five fat blobs with playing cards
down their pants, in their pockets an under their feet,
screaming at eachother that 'someone' is cheating..


I find it a challenging aspect trying to take someone seriously
when they refer to themselves and actively promote others to refer to
them as a name derived from a household cleaning product, dairy item,
animal or baked good, which gives the impression, to me, that said individual
will inevitably have a future that involves searching through garbage bags for bones,
being scooped up in a big net, dashed in a van then ending their journey through life
getting put to sleep in a dog pound..

Perhaps i'm being a bit too harsh..

Perhaps i'm even being a bit too judgemental and need to be more
open minded concerning my surrounding's levels of intelligence,
personal hygiene and ettiquete..

"I'm buyin' all KINDS of stamina for the bone when i get out son,
all KINDS of potions!"


"They got some shit out there called 'BULL DICK!'"




Perhaps not.

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