Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fat Cow

Some of the guards here are not too bad.

They are respectful,
professional and generally do this like of work for one
reason and one reason only.

To get paid.

Others are not so cool.

The worst,
by far the worst guards we have,
are the ugly females.

Not because they're ugly..

These women have clearly little to
no male attention in their lives.

Now they're surrounded by a shitload of
men who are absolutely catting for some pussy,
(even if the owners face looks like an inverted asshole)
these chicks start bugging the fuck out.

They ain't used to the male attention, get a complex
and forget that if most of the guys in here were on the street,
they wouldn't throw cum in their face.

Me included.

I go out of my way NOT to run after these purely ugly ducklings,
in turn avoiding any possibiliy of inflating their already astronomically
misguided ego's.

Press Play

"If a dude in jail ain't checkin' for you,
you KNOW you ain't shit"

Real talk.

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