Wednesday, 22 June 2011

working in the shitty

I loved working in the city.

From the time i got up in the morning, to opening the office,
running around the city all day then heading home after a long day,
i really enjoyed my job.

 Most jobs i've had in my short time on this earth,
i usually habitually take the piss and turn up late everyday.

For some reason,
this never happened while i was working as an office messenger
in Manhattan. I guess it was the first job i've ever had that i truly
gave a flying fuck about.

I'd get off the train at 42nd street and actually
be happy to arrive at work.

After a quick stop to yoink my daily sugar supply
from one of the many unfortunate local cafe's,

it was time to start delivering some shit.

I think the secretary had a soft spot for me. I had told her
how i didn't really have much dough, and back when i first started
the job i was eating about a meal a day at BEST, so whenever she was in,
i wasn't going anywhere until i'd eaten a proper breakfast.

The business was located on West 37th street,
and most of my deliveries were based around central

Our biggest,
or should i say the most business that came in,
was from the Conde Naste Publishing,
which required yours truly to dash between their
many different locations dropping off and collecting
all manner of utterly useless, unimportant and meaningless

..But i enjoyed it...

I was always on my feet,
moving from one building to the next,
rinsing the English accent on as many
of the interns at Vogue, Architectual Digest
and GQ as possible

I was a wide eyed 25 year old,
living his dream in the big city.

Nothing seemed out of reach for me.

Speaking of reaches,
as i was always on the move, i constantly spotted
anything new that had been blammed around the city,

a lot of nice shit was happening on the streets of New York City,

I just tried my best to keep my eyes open to capture it all..

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