Saturday, 18 June 2011

Im Good

It's a thursday night.

There is some kind of basketball game on,
so most of the inmates are sitting in front of
the televisions in a brain decaying trance, dribbling
away in a stereotypically ultra spasticated fashion,
only stopping to scratch their shitty, cling-on infested
rusty assholes, then with the same peanut clad skiddy
excuse for a finger, picking pieces of liver and raw
fish retinas out of their cavity ridden, hollow black teeth.

I'm good thanks.

Instead of sitting around to witness this bizarre, mass fecal
ingesting ritual, i've taken residency in the pathetic excuse
for a toilet that is my current residence.

It's raining outside.

Proper raining.

As the lightning flashes and the thunder booms,
just a meager few feet from where i am huddled
on my bunk,
 i imagine how fucking beautiful it would be to
actually stand in the street and FEEL this storm
that has me captivated on this merky Thursday
evening in New York City..

 Being kept in this scatty dungeon full of
fucking retards is bad enough, but after nine months
of not being able to go outside in the rain, i'm starting
to fucking lose the plot.

Staring out this bullshit excuse for a window at the world
passing me by, i can now fully sympathise with dogs that
get locked in cars or kept in houses for excessive amounts
of time, and have no other choice other than to patiently
wait for someone to take them outside so they can politely
empty their bladder. urinate.
 Like my canine brethren,
i know if i flip out in here my current owner will get pissed off,
and it'll only take longer.
 I guess i should just do what a dog would do in this situation,
go and take a shit somewhere in protest.

"Them n****r's be shittin' by the frige, trying to hide the motherfucker,
dog's be straight violatin' son"


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