Friday, 24 June 2011


Before i left South London,
i was not in posession of a working camera.

One of my good freinds kindly offered to spot me a camera before i departed
for the States, asking for one small favour in return..

"Make sure you take shitloads of flicks"

No problem.

After a week or so on American soil,
i got to work.

I made a conscious effort to always carry my freinds camera with me,
snapping anything and everything that took my fancy.

As time passed, I was starting to look at things in a different light.

Everything seemed to have more significance, and all of it was worthy of documenting.

For some reason i had a strong urge to capture this chapter
of my life in as much detail as possible.

Previously insignificant moments of my day to day life
now had new meaning, and i wanted to capture every piece,
for what reason, i do not know.

I'm just glad that i did.

Although looking back at them in my current
delapedated situation can be painful and somewhat
difficult, it is a reminder of the life i had led.

The choices i made.

It reminds me of the limitless possibilities
at my fingertips once upon my inevitable release..

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