Monday, 13 June 2011

It wasnt cool

My day was certainly eventful.

Someone got killed in the unit.

No jokes.

The motherfucker got his dome smashed against the wall
of a cell, and of all the places for this unlucky soul to lose
his life, the beating took place in MY fucking cell.


To add insult to injury,
i was given the grim task of cleaning the splattered blood
off our once pristine egg-white walls.

It wasn't cool.

At the very least,
i did my best to prevent the guys demise,
but sadly his fate was well and truly sealed.
 I did managed to delay his skull shattering
fatality until sunrise though..

Many times over the past few months,
this cock-strong habitual liberty taker has
violated protocal, running up into the castle
and inhaling as much yamadacious munch as
possible before getting chased the fuck out.

Last night, however,
his luck finally ran out..

It's about three in the morning and i'm asleep.

A deep sleep.

I'm dreaming too,
and my dreams consist of ultra realistic fantasies
of putting my Turkish dick to good use on all kinds
of exotically fictional pussy.
 Just as penetration commences,
i am woken by the sounds of shouting,
and screaching.


The utopian image of freedom,
pussy and pleasure have been swiftly
replaced in the blink of an eye by prison,
the smell of poo and my cellie shouting at the top of
his lungs..


I reluctantly peer over the side of my 'bed',
and staring back up at my with his legs stuck
on the mousetrap is Topo Gigio.



Despite him racking untold little niblets
from my food, i don't want to see this
little guy get merked.

He's looking up at me.


There is no way i can get him out of this
jam, no fucking way!

The poor fuck knows what's coming his way too.

For some reason i feel like i should at least TRY
to bide this guy a little time to attempt escape
from the jaws of death..

"c'mon man for fuck sake, leave it til the morning"

It worked,
my cellie farts and goes back to sleep.

I've done my part,
thanks to me he's now got a few hours to
try and get the fuck out before judgement day.

I hope he uses this little time wisely..

Morning comes,
and i peek over hoping to see an empty mouse trap,
with a little thankyou note for my devine intervention..

this silly sod is now spread across the whole trap.
 Clearly, the more he tried to wriggle out and free
himself, the more body parts got stuck.

Oh dear.

Press Play

I can't remember what happened after this,
i'm pretty sure it all worked out ok in the end though.


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