Sunday, 14 October 2012

Round three

I had initially planned on fasting today..

As i woke up to the wonderful sensation of having flames
lit behind my eyeballs and a cheese grater in the back
of my throat..

Coupled with white hot molten shit leaking out my pink asshole..

It was not to be!!

Perhaps in a paralel universe..

There is another Timothy Ozer Guvercin.

He IS fasting..

An he probably went up to the roof today with everyone else..

He might be running..

Or doing pushups..


Or any of the retarded things i do to
kill time in here on a daily basis..

This one is not engaging in physical exercise though.

He's sitting at a table.


Positioned under a light that keeps flickering
on and off in a very dramatic fashion..

Slowly stirring a big bowl of oatmeal..

Indiscriminantly scattered across the table
are tissue-like remnants of an apple that got
butchered earlier this today.

An now the table is mad sticky.

Which is not very welcoming!!

But i guess that's not a bad thing sometimes..


Actually that's bollocks.

There is no good points about someone leaving a load
of crap on a table thats meant for everybody..

I'm just being lazy.

An that was my attempt at coming up with some
kind of mystical reasoning for why i didn't clean the
table earlier.

Nevermind eh..

Ok so today is going to be spent looking after myself..

-Lots of food

-Hot drinks

-Knocking one out

-A hot shower

-Getting a haircut

Seems like a good place to start would be making
a cup of coffee..

This is the LAST of my coffee.

I been saving this shit for a special occasion..

It ain't even enough for a whole cup.

I know..

Im'a cut it with some hot chocolate..

Couple scoops of coffee creamer..



With Turkish paws wrapped around
a heavily stained plastic mug of garbage..

It's time to try relax.

Lemme see what's poppin' outside the window..


It's nice out.

REAL nice..

Powdered blue sky..

Sun is shining..

Lots of females walking around..

"Yo are those boots that go upto a bitches
(two years in prison) knees called long boots or high boots?"

"They're called hooker boots."


The window isn't going to plan today.

Perhaps i should stare at the trusty ceiling instead..

What do i see?


My view may or may not be of an ever expanding collage
of graffiti and females that possibly have or have not
been stuck up there with a small toothbrush and many
dollops of green budget toothpaste..

I think the sun is starting to cook the paste.

Strange spots are forming all over the place.

It's making all the females look either like they've
caught the clap or are turning into zombies..

I've never seen or heard of a porno where
they dress the chicks up as zombies.


And on that note..

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