Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Yes G What's good




The bed-shakeningly loud moans,
coughs, farts and snores from a 260 pound
seasoned criminal?

-Thoughts of the past?

-Hopes for the future?





Not tonight..

The pitter-patter of tiny paws darting across plastic tiles
and the KRAK noise of a shell falling off the wall followed by
a scuttling of pincers between hiding places..

That is why i cannot sleep.


I currently cannot turning onto my left side
to ignore all of this bullshit either..

A public relations incident is to blame.


Not so good..

I'm sure getting a good night's sleep would be a good look,
or would at least do something towards my recupporation.

Perhaps sharing my good deed of the day might help
to take my mind off all the bullshit and relax a little..

Let's see..

-I removed all the shoes and sneakers,
then with a big dusty-ass broom i swept up all the bollocks,
food remnants and numerous bodily debree up off from the floor.

-We got this cleaning shit called 'Simple Green' that smells like apples,
i busted bare licks of that shit all over the floor an after letting it dry,
got on my hands an feet (NOT knees) with a big manky brush an scrubbed
all the caked on grime off the floor in the most aggressive manner you can imagine.

I did NOT wear rubber gloves.

Nor did i get called a 'pure bitch' by
people walking past.


I'm just sayin'.

-Using a rag and a healthy globule of phlegm,
i polished off the nobs on the door and sink.

You're a fucking tramp for even THINKING that shit.

-Last but not least,
with my bare hands i scrubbed my face then rinsed
out a rag of cloth that, for unknown reason to me,
is reffered to as the 'piss rag'.

I used to pay a dude to clean up.

He'd do one hell of a job too..

Now i'm on my knuckles
i can't afford that shit anymore.

Despite me wanting to
have a dude clean my cell who..

Rumour has it..

Got busted in a barrel upto his neck in coccaine..

an was so fucking high he almost DIED..

I ain't ballin' like that no more.

So i clean it myself.


An you know what?

I actually enjoy it..

When i was in the town..

Before things went ultra tits-up..

There was a time when i didn't have JACK shit.




Looking back..

These are the times that i  miss the most.


Because I had so little..

The things i DID have..

I appreciated them.

That is until..



Now that i'm back to the basics..

Have i learnt my lesson?

Although i am now again in posession of very little..

Whenever i make it back to the town..

Will i still appreciate the small things in life?

Or am i just talking slick because i fucked it all up
and am now trying to cover my tracks by making it
all seem like some kind of cosmic life lesson?


We shall see.

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