Friday, 26 October 2012

Six til noon weekdays

I wake to a very cold room.

It's dimly lit..

An the door is locked.

Not that i particularly care.


I got cereal AN milk AN coffee AN a copy of Spice Magazine..

Hot water's working?

Keep the fucking door locked.

It really is cold in here..

My tshirt an shorts combo ain't puttin' no twerk in
an neither is my paper thin Rizla blanket!!

What to do..What to do..


No no no..

Socks and a beanie hat.

Much better..


So i'm laying here with the radio on,
trying to wake up as slowly as possible. There are shadows dotted
around the room that keep growing and shrinking due to the clouds
that have covered the sky in a grey mass.

It looks very gloomy in here.

People outside look bloody miserable..

If only they knew..

"Yo TimDizzly"


What could you possibly want from me now.

"This what London look like on the regular my n****r?"


"This that London FOG BABY!!"



In one swift motion..

With my arm DEFINITELY NOT planted on the pipe above,
i scoot off the side of the bed and bounce off the table using
the end of my toes..

Some people are impressed when i do this.

They really shouldn't be..


It only requires time..

The doors are open now..

Time to eat..

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