Saturday, 20 October 2012

Once every thousand years

Just finished putting together some letters..

I need to piss but my knee is giving me the asshole today.

Each time i clumb off the bed it starts whining..

So i'm gonna long it off til i REALLY need to go.

It's more than likely the running.

In such a small space..

Unless you're running ultra slow/lame..

You can't help but running at an angle,
and my knee seems to have deemed that shit
Haram and is in full protest mode right now.

I think running like this is
starting to push the cartiledge out of my knee.


I'm trying to take my mind off it right now by putting
these sketches and letters together..
















-Maureen and John


-Ozer and Michelle/My parents

-Liz and Tim/My Godparents




-Pete in Australia

-Steve D

-Very talented individual who put together that deep blank ink piece with all the drips (no address/name)

-Person with very good taste who sent me 'The Filth' comic book (no address/name)

Thankyou for the support you've all given me lately.

Things are certainly not easy at the moment.

The little bits people have been doing for me have
helped to take my mind off things and bring some peace
of mind concerning what's coming up in the next month or so.

-Sending me books/magazines/comics..

-keeping in touch through emails/letters/on the phone..

-Putting together character references..

-Sending me sketches and photos in the mail..

It's really appreciated.

Please keep it coming.



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