Friday, 19 October 2012

Back in 20 loads


"Yo wudup"

"What's most chicks response when they
find out you've just come home from a bid?"


"Like how do they react?"

"Bitches are eager to try out the bone"

"For real?"

"Very eager my n****r"

"Yeah? i bet it took you a while to get your shit back though,
im'a probably get a blowjob before i try stabbin' any pussy"

"N****R!! Even if she eat your Turkish hammer up,
you'll be finished in no more than ten strokes.."


"How long did it take YOU to get match fit?"


"I ain't had no pussy in two years man!!"


"I'm probably gonna need some time to get my shit back right?"



"I don' think i EVER came back dog.."

"Nah real talk it'll take you about twenty nuts before you get back my n****r.."

"Jus' make sure when you finally get you some black pussy i'm there to supervise my n****r,
that chocolate bitch throw that black asshole down on you.."

"You might catch another case.."

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