Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow

I get my haircut every two weeks.

Ironically this is more than i would get it cut in the town,
but that's for a specific reason..

It's good for self-esteem.


That's how i like to think about it.

There isn't,
considering i'm housed with nothing but swinging dicks,
anybody that i keep fresh for other than myself.

In the rare occasion i have a visit, i'll try chase the barber down,
he knows i don't know anyone in the States so in that rare event,
he'll hook me up, shape me up, the man knows what the fuck
he's doing too..

Likewise with a tattooist,
it's a good look not to piss 'em off or disagree
with them on any given subject.

If midway through your haircut he decides to drop the blade and go run an errang,
eat some food or five head first into a shouting match at the domino table,
it's best to just sit there..


An be patient..

If he said he'd cut your hair at 7pm and decides he wants to do it at 1pm..


You best drop whatever the fuck you had planned,
if you don't, expect to either get carried for greazy or
wait until he decides to give you three quarters of
a haircut..

"You gad a razor? YOU fin-eesh!"


Even after any added fuckrie,
when i look in the mirror it's always worth the measly
two packets of 'Bumble Bee Premium Albacore Tuna'
i paid for it..

He blesses me with a haircut i would proudly sport in the town..

He trims my facial hair an shapes it in a manner that clearly shows
the ridiculous amount of weight i've lost in this motherfucker and
the results of all this dieting and working out i've been doing..

Despite being in a foreign jail,
surrounded by dudes, having to deal with some of the most incredible
specimins of human stupidity and extreme incontinence,
even after twenty one months of doing the jailhouse rock,
you'd be amazed at how much difference a simple haircut
and shape-up does to your state of mind..

Makes you feel strong..


Like you SHOULD feel on any given day above ground..

Sometimes in here it's easy to forget your own self-worth.

But then again..


I guess that's the whole point..

"I try to remind myself as far as my own motivation is concerned,
i am sincere and i tried my best. With a sincere motivation, one of compassion,
even if i made a mistake or failed, there is no cause for regret. For my part i did
my best. Then, you see, if i failed, it was because the situation was beyond my best efforts"

- HH Dalai Lama

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