Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fruit punch or Cherry

It's almost two in the morning an i want to write something,
i got given a pen earlier an it's pretty good for writing, so why
not give it a whirl, i'm sure it's better than just staring out the
window, one hand placed on the middle of my chest, the other
clenched around the bar, with my head tilted to one side an my
eyes closed, occasionally fondling my penis while loudly singing
along to Tony Braxton..

Quite a few good things happened today..

I got a lot of apples!

That was cool!

My latest jail-house fad is taking a load of apples,
peeling the shit out of them with a spoon and placing
the skins in a bowl.

I then place the apples in another bowl
an dice them into chunks.

We get this knock-off Kool Aid up in this motherfucker,
it comes in mad different cancer/black spot on the brain
incuding flavours an i've been rocking the shit out of
it recently..

I take two different flavours,
dash one on the bowl of little apple chunks,
then stur it up..

I take the other an dash it on the bowl of all the apple skins,
then stur it up..

Then eat them.


I do this about twice a day,
hence me being purely haps about getting
a bag of apples!

This is about the best i can do to keep busy at the moment.

Tough times.


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