Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I'm aware when i'm letting things slip a little.

It might be my reactions to a certain situation,
the thoughts i'm entertaining..

It's best sometimes not to share them with anyone,
why make someone else miserable too?

No point getting on the phone,
defies logic to pay money just to spread bad vibes
across the Atlantic..

Doesn't make sense going to speak to someone about it either,
most the time you're only looking for someone to agree with you
or give you sympathy, which is stupid.

Even if my intentions are good,
it's best avoided sometimes.

When i'm on one of those 'moods' i try
to keep to myself for a few days.

I try to workout, pray, read something that might help shift
my viewpoint a little..

Todays funk was, erm,
i think i dealt with it rather well..

I was brewing earlier today,
the weather is nice, there's all kinds of nice things happening
all over the city right now, an i'm STILL stuck in this motherfucker
sweating like a dog..

I was thinking about what i could be doing with my life right now.

More precisely..

What i thought i *SHOULD* be doing..


In the big picture,
you are always exactly where you *SHOULD* be,
doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing..

Otherwise you wouldn't be there,
you wouldn't have followed the path you did,
made the decisions that shaped the circumstances
that led to the present moment..

All that bollocks..

Thing is though..

Even though i whole-heartedly agree with that shit..



Sitting behind bars sweating your balls off,
at the beginning of a very hot NYC summer,
watching smokin' hot bitchers walk down the
street all motherfucking day..

That fly shit sure SOUNDS good..


Fuck it.

How long's summer?

Ninety days?

I'll knock that shit out with my head in the
motherfucking toilet bowl.

You can shove summer 2012 up your fucking asshole.

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