Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hair and teeth

I need some new fucking headphones,
it's beyond irritating having to hold the motherfucker
in a specific position just to listen to a bit of bollocks
on the radio..

One good thing to come from it,
i'm reading again!

More than just graff books too!

(Thankyou for the graff books x please keep sending them)

My bookmark in my latest book is a cut-out from the newspaper,
they was doing a review of the new Best Coast album, an as i like some
of their tunes, i cut the shit out.

She's hot too.

Not hot enough, or should i say not whorish enough to make a motherfucker
whip his meat out an beat off but she's cute and is a nice reminder of what
a real female looks like, so her photo is now my bookmark.

I'm sure she would be beyond stoked to hear a (Almost! It's coming!) convicted
felon has her mug wedged between pages of sticky jail-house books..

"..Couldn't help cuttin' out the snowbunny huh dog?"

Even though my intentions where wholesome,
i still felt like a part of me died when i cut a picture of
a female out of a magazine..

I may or may not have spoke of the jail-house practice of
making super-stalky photo albums..

There is a certain breed of perverted masterbator that
derives great pleasure in scowing through gossip magazines and
meticulously documenting and preserving photos of their chosen 'subject',
in NEXT creepy photo albums..

Imagine if one of them heads that make those cut-n-paste ransom notes
decided to put together a photo album of epically creepy proportions,
random headshots crudely wripped out of numerous magazines,
pasted in some kind of wank-shrine format to be regimentadely
masterbated over..

This one dude had a whole album full of random Rhianna shots,
i remember one day he was watching the box an someone said
something derogatory about Rhianna, this pure tramp almost tore
the dude out the fucking frame!!


Considering i caught my brother writing on top of my bookmark,
in a speach bubble like fashion,

"I LoVe BiG BlAcK DiCk"

and i didn't even raise an eyebrow,
i got a way to go before i'm on the
creepy tip?



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