Thursday, 14 June 2012

"son's eatin' good!"

The end of a long day..

It's definitely been a good one..

For some reason someone just howled like a wolf
really loud an really high pitched next to their door.



Every day above ground is a good one,
but today was definitely better than most..

-I got some mail!

-I did a sketch!

-I might be getting a couple visits!

-I got some apples!

-I bought a bag of cereal!

I've really like eating cereal with fruit in it for breakfast,
i put some ice cubes in a cup and fill it with milk, let it get cold,
peel an apple then chop off chunks with a spoon and mix it up with
a bit of cake and ultra bland cereal.

I'm not in the real world, so stocks are *brutally* limited,
hence me getting my Turkish mits on a bag of cereal and a small
bag of apples is quite an achievement in itself.

Especially being broke..

It's pretty late at the moment..

I WAS listening to some funk show on the radio but they got some shit on right
now that's way too close to 'Rage against the Machine' for my liking,
so i bunned it off an now i'm listening to my brother snoring instead.

Probably for the best..

Only one of my headphones is working, the only way to cheat the
other one into working is wrapping it around my neck in a noose-like fashion which,
unsuprisingly, unless you want to end up butt-naked in a padded cell,
is not a good look..


I'm cross legged..

An i'm clocking all the surrounding debris on my 'bed'..

-Some scrap paper with a load of scribbles on it,
namely tunes i heard on the radio that i liked..

-A sketch i just finished,
took me about four hours, used my best black
pen on it an rinsed all the ink an i'm not even sure
if i'm keen on the motherfucker, i'll send it out eventually,
the fact that the good ink when on it is it's only saving
grace right now from getting dashed into the trash..

-A copy of 'Life and Style Weekly' magazine,
it has a cover story on Kim Kardashion entitled,

"Dumped by the love of her love"


I really need to get some new jerk magazines.



Copies of Show and Black Lingerie are always welcome.

They will not be sold or used as payment for debts.

I promise..

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