Sunday, 4 March 2012

No contract, take my word

I'm standing next to a group of four guys..

All in here for drug charges..

They're all rapping along
to some fucking garbage that's spewing out of Hot 97..

You can clearly see they are into this absolute horse shit,
singing along to the lyrics of Drake, Rick Ross, Two Chainz..

The list of moronic rappers is endless..

The lyrical content of most these cock smokers is usually nothing
more than grandios claims of drug dealing, catching bodies and more
often than not their effortless avoidance of the Federal Government..

Now call me pessimistic..

But considering most these kids and i say kids as a lot of them are under 21,
find themselves in the tricky predicament of looking at mandatory sentances
ranging from 5-15 years in prison for a few grams of crack coccaine..

To me..

Personally.. doesn't seem very likely that the rappers these kids are idolising and clearly
imitating spend their time shotting bricks of coccaine then making recordings
of said crimes to be played on the radio, to millions of people,
which INCLUDE thousands of Federal Agents all over
the United States..


Perhaps i'm wrong..

Perhaps i'm just incredibly naive..

Perhaps i'm becoming pessimistic in my old age (26)..

Perhaps Drake (former child actor)
DOES have solders "that come up from the hit" for him..

Perhaps Rick Ross (former Correction Officer)
DOES sell crack off his iphone and when you buy four,
he kindly fronts you five more..


Times like now..

To be specific i'm talking about as i put thoughts to paper..

I feel like i'm getting old..

Instead of viewing these rappers as merely entertainers,
bozos, clowns, pushing tried and tested methods of controversial
subjects and rebelious personas to sell their records,
 I find myself instead seeing a generation of young men
in prison with their lives irreperably damaged, due to their attempts
at mimicking a lifestyle that simply does not exist, they are being lied to,
by individuals that have no interest whatsoever in the effect that their
bogus lyrical content and imagery have on the average impressionable
young man that finds themself in a hard situation looking for a way
to make some money..

 They are completely oblivious to their responsibilities as being in
the spot light, they are looked at as role models and should be trying
to put out some kind of a positive message..

But then look where i find myself..

Who cares if you're making money right?

Who the fuck cares if you're selling a load of bullshit and you're phony as fuck?

Who cares if you're advocating a way of life you know nothing about,
that inevitably ends in jailtime?

Being a role model?

Being genuine?

At this point you're probably agreeing with me..

Yes Timothy..

You are getting old..

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