Wednesday, 14 March 2012

**Arroz Guisado Con Pescado & Salchichitas**

**Stewed Rice with Fish and Sausages**



-5 Sazon seasoning packets
-2 Halal beef sausages
-1 beef deli stick
-2 macarels
-2 bags of pre-cooked rice
-2 hot 'n' spicy Ramen vegetable soup


-Dice all meats and pre-cook for 4 minutes in microwave,
then drain out all the grease.

"Carna de res solamente"

-Open macarels, drain all fluids out of the packets.

"En un plato plastico de microonda"

-Insert meat, fish, all five Sazon seasonings plus two soup seasonings packs
and bring to a boil, adding 3 and a half cups of water.

-Then pour rice and soup into another bowl,
mix together.

-Pour boiling broth "con toda la carne" into the rice/soup bowl.

-Stir broth/met and rice/soup mix for two minutes,
halve the mixture into two bowls.

-Microwave both bowls for six minutes each, stirring every minute.

"Porgue si no menea el arroz con la cuchara cada minuto, se guema el maldito plato! HeHeHe!"

-Let it sit for a minute before serving.

"Y disfruten su comida!"


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