Wednesday, 14 March 2012

"Nuh boy dem a badder dan weh!"

Over the past few months i've been sent some really nice letters,
emails, books, emails,
magazines, photos, it always helps me in my situation to know that there is
someone who might be thinking of me..

Gabrielle, Sykes, Kosta, Chad,
Jake,Barry, Uncle Albert, Frank, Auntie Denny,
Keely, Lynne, Revekka, Jennifer,  Amanda..

Thankyou x

Max B from Austria,
i've tried sending you something a few times but it keeps getting returned,
please email me your adress so i can get these sketches an letters flying
in your direction..

I'd also like to send love to my brother Fred,
you were a big inspiration to me in the short time we
were placed in this situation together and i appreciated
you taking the time to listen to my problems, give me advice,
and help me deal with this chapter of my life.

My prayers go out to you and your family,
i know you will achieve great things in your lifetime,
your patience and compassion towards me will not be forgotten,
i pray that one day we can meet up for a beer, talk about the bullshit..

An how ULTRA pissed off you used to get when i tried to bug you for stamps..


As-salam Walekum..

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