Monday, 26 March 2012

Yo Son

"A man's life is subject to inner storms far more devastating than those in the physical world around him"
- Abdullah Yusuf Ali

Just when i thought my days couldn't possibly be spent doing anything more
intelligent, worthwhile and productive..

I just finished debating..

An exhilirating experience..

We both raised valid points,
passionately argued our sides,
all in a manner of sophistication one had only thought possibly
after aeons of under-study, in depth research and lengthy revision..

I mean..

Me and my associate are both well versed in the subject matter..

In the end neither one of us,
despite the numerous valid points raised by both parties,
could unanimously come to a definitive conclusion..

Independant judications were called forth..

Hoardes of knowledgeable third parties..

Still no unprecidented closure was to be found..

You be the judge..


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