Saturday, 11 February 2012

**Spaghetti garlic oil**

**Spaghetti Garlic Oil**

"Teemmy you gatta onderstand, any fokin' jail you go to you can make-a diss, no prablem!"



-Sardino or Macaral
-Salt + Pepper
-grated cheese


Take da spaghetti deez bozos give you for dinner,
rinse it, then put it in da bowl.

Cook mac for five minutes in microwave,
adding oil from the mac packet ana some garlic.

Put six pieces of butter on de pasta,
reheat for two minutes then dump-a da cooked
mac on the pasta, mix it trough!

Then put all the pasta an mac, all togeder now,
into the fokin' microwave.

Take it out, salt an a pepper,
an a liddle bid o grated cheese.


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