Thursday, 22 March 2012

Corruptible Flesh

Life is good..

My stomach is full..

I just got my haircut..

An i got a nice cup of coffee on the go..


A crucial part of my day is eating a big bowl of oatmeal.

It's actually a highlight.

Imagine that.

For real though,
you should see how i make it..

-One pack of Peach oatmeal

-One pack of Brown sugar oatmeal

-One pack of regular oatmeal

-One handful of peanuts

-One handful of cashews

-A HUGE spoon of peanut butter

-One granola bar

**I should probably point out that due to only being supplied with two rolls of toilet paper a week
and not always having the money to buy extra, i don't make my oatmeal with milk. I use water.**


My haircut is very nice.

Kind of GI Joe/Kurt Russell.

The top is long and combed back though..

For two tunas?

It's very nice.

Each time it's cut,
it's always a little different.

I used to attempt to give the guy some pointers,
but he never listens.

"Iz Okay Jimmy, I GAT you!"

I don't make it a hobby of mine to argue with someone
when they're holding a razorblade either.


I got rid of my beard.

I'd actually started to comb the motherfucker!

Growing a beard ain't shit though.

Done it many times..

If i get a little more time,
i think I'm going to grow it.

Why not.

The 'Bawse' look.

Right now I look smart..



Most importantly,

I look innocent.



I'm sitting here,
I've had a nice meal, I'm looking sharp,
an i just finished some work for the dude next door..

Graffiti lettering..

(How predictable)

I have clothes, food,
a warm place to rest my head, outlets to express my creativity,
positive influences and many opportunities to help people around
me and in someway contribute positively to my environment..

I have no complaints.

Life is good..

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