Monday, 19 March 2012

Knowledge is Born


-Leaving out a burger for 24 hours, then microwaving it, is not cool or hygienic. It's fucking bate and purely trampy.

-Yo if i get up at six in the morning and get you your breakfast, you're supposed to say thankyou. Right? Apparently not.

-I'm not wasting food. You're not eating them. If flies are in my living area, i'm dashing out your apples.
You're hoarding. An it's bate.

-If you take a shower and i can still smell you, it's a problem.

-I am not "Mr Fussy". Last time you used that bottle of BBQ sauce i CLEARLY saw you lick the top of the bottle. I'm good.


-Showering at least once a day does not make me a germophobe.

-When i am listening to this,

Please do not interupt me by telling me to listen to the station you are listening to,
that is playing this,


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