Thursday, 4 August 2011

Birthday Beateries

So so..

First birthday in jail..

Good times!


How did i spend it?
 What happened?
Inmates reactions?


..Most of the day was spent in a medication-induced slumber,
sleeping the day away..

..Didn't tell anyone it was my born date,
so no food or particularly special treatment.

Fuck it..

 I had an extra bag of coffee sitting in my locker
that wasn't gettin' any younger, so after making a
nice cup of tea i swapped it for a little
banana pudding cake..

 Me, this little cake, a medicated hangover
and my cup of tea toasted my 26th birthday in my cell,
to the sounds of Stevie Wonder..

It was grand.

The highlight of the day,
all the super safe emails i recieved wishing
my furry chops a happy birthday!

Much appreciated!

Big-ups to all the London an Australian man dem
reading this bullshit!


It's now Tuesday,
an since then i've recieved a LOT of
books, emails and letters in the mail..

Other than my brother from another mother; Josh

most of the books i recieved had no names on..

A million little pieces,
David Icke - Truth Vibrations,
London Handstyles..

 The last one definitely made my day,
was really cool to see a few familiar faces,
nice one Sadam an Hoover!

 If you sent me an email, Bread,
letter or a book, it was more than appreciated,

 It was real nice to know there is a few people out
there who was thinking about me on my birthday,
an wanted to let me know.
Thanks again..


If you sent me one of them books,
bus' an email with your adress on an
i'll have something nice on its way
to you soon..

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