Sunday, 31 July 2011

E*t * d*c*

I spend a good quantity of time lying on my bed staring at the ceiling..

Sometimes i listen to music.

A lot of the time, i don't.

I just think..

It saddens me to think how many people might have been
in the same skiddy situation as i am,

Imprisoned in this very cell,

Staring at the same view.

It's far from clean..

Plastered in random splodges above me are
the skelletal remnants of naked women..

At some point,
this must have been someone's little piece of paradise..

A utopian masterbationary spread of breasts,
butts, thighs and hot, moist vaginas..

Now it's just ripped up random pieces of paper..

There's a green piece that looks a bit like a duck,
who has been decapitated while airborn..

To the left,
a long sharp-edged blob.

Reminds me of that crusty stealth bomber
Decepticon's head from the second Transformers movie..

Also dotted around the ceiling,
random shit inmates have scratched,
daubed and scrawled..

Most of it is in Spanish.

I ain't got a fucking clue what any of it means..

"  D I O S S
Loque para el hombre es imposible, para 'dios' es posible!
Buscalo para que tedes cuente la grandioso que es!
 Si sios no lopuede quien lo vas a ponder!"

To the right,

"Caerse esto permitido pero levanse es una obligacion!"

No clue..

If you do,
let knowledge be born!

Since i got flung in the cell,
the ceiling and walls have had a
few new additions.

No reaches.


Not many..

Freinds of mine that have done bids back
in the Big Smoke told me that if you ever go to jail,
don't hit no reaches.

They said If you do,
one day you might be seeing them again..

Not likely in my predicament.

But still..

Other than sloppy reaches,
Quotes and advice that get me through each day.

Some, from books i've read.

Others, jewels of wisdom that have been dropped on me
from random inmates..

Or my Cellie..


Pretty self explanitory..

 Worrying myself into an early grave
ain't going to fix shit. The only thing i can do,
take initiative an get the shit that is in my control,
done. Shit that isn't in my control, isn't my problem.

"Your attachments are the source of all your problems"

"wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you"

"Never make your happyness depend on an attachment
to Any place or Any person"

Most of them,
Wayne dyer bars..

"If you can let go of all your attachments,
your spirit will be the guiding force in your life.

Then as a spiritual being, you can observe your body and be
a compassionate witness to your own existence"


I made a list just before Christmas last year
of things i wanted to do everyday.

A daily routine that would keep me busy
and productive, not just in a constant state
of vibrantly aggressive masterbation..

Around the time i made it,
it lasted about a day, but nowdays,
most of these things do actually get done.

MOST of them..

There is one addition someone decided to add
that ain't part of my daily routine..

See if u can guess which one..

AnD EaT A DiCk


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