Sunday, 7 August 2011

It's gonna lead to hostages

I am currently being held at MCC.

It's in Manhatton.

Just by Pearl street.

I can see the front of the court
from my shabby, bogey-coated window..

This is a pre-trial facility,
you are held here until your (eventual) conviction..

At that point,
you are dispatched to your designated prison.

They come in different 'levels',
depending on the severity of your crime,
the amount of time you have been allocated
and your criminal history,
or 'rap sheet'.




High (penitentiary)



Most the inmates are heading to a max.

 I sat down with a few of my freinds
who have already done time in different
penitentiaries across the country,
an heard what they had to say..

"I seen a n****r get beat the fuck up for a jelly"

 A dude i work out,
before his first bid thought that he was
ready for a maximum security prison..

"I told my n****r's, yo, i know how to use my knife, it ain't nothin'.."

"they told me, a'ight, you's nice with a blade, but can you wrestle a n****r for 5 minutes for his?"

"After that, i started workin' the fuck out, hard body my n****r"

 Not only are you in a facility were everyone has been
sentanced, so don't give a fuck about their behaviour or record,
but most are facing MAJOR time.

are never going home..

"I seen a n****r get slapped cos he asked a n****r 'yo, you watchin' this?'"

"He slapped the shit outta that n****r!"

 Unlike this facility,
once at your designated prison you
can go outside for exercise/recreation everyday..

"If you ain't the creative type, you don' know how to make
knives or stash boxes, you fucked from the get go kid!"

 Before going outside,
you have to pass through a metal detector.

 To combat this,
inmates will have their metal knives for when on their units,
and plexi-glass knives for the yard..

 In Federal Penitentiaries,
knives play a serious part of daily life..

"n****r be forcin' you to BOOF knives kid!"

 Whether it's simply carrying a banger with you at all times,
or having a razor blade hidden in your mouth, you need to be prepared for anything..

 One day M was sitting in his cell,
and his cellie suddenly ran into the room,
throws a knife on the bed, an screams,

"WHA'S UP N****R!

 Without thinking,
M grabs the banger, jumps to his feet,
an gets ready to fight..

His cellie clocks M's reaction an laughs..

"A'ight n****r, i just wanted to see where you was at.."

..M is stuck.

He ain't sure whether this guy is jokin' or not!

His cellie pulls his shirt up..

Revealing a vast array of knives and stabbing weapons..

He dashes them all in a heap onto the bed,
an turns around smiling..

"You gonna kill me or what n****r!"


Shake downs..

When the powers that be take it upon themselves
to go through our cells, searching for any type of
contraband or illegal substances..

Its ain't a ting..

A big group of goons run in,
scream at you to get out the cell,
throw you out if needed,
then play Finders Keepers
for a few hours..


Shake down in a Max?

Different story..

 Without any specific reason,
well, most likely for intimidation purposes,
the guards will come in the dead of night an
tear your cell upside down..

"These n****r's come through an wile the fuck out!"

They come in full riot gear,
complete with shields, bats, tear gas,
tooled the fuck up!

Refusal to comply?

"My n****r, you better have a squad of thorough n****r's
that's ready to go all the way son, cos there ain't no going back!"

These ain't no regular police..

"They got n****r's on top of n****r's! I'm talkin' bout the mother fuckin' poh-leese!"

Man dem roll with body armour, weapons, in numbers..

"I ain't sayin' you can't take em..but n****'s gonna lead to hostages..escape..shiiiit!"

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